Scott Bedbury

CEO at Brandstream

Scott Bedbury is recognized as one of the world’s brand leaders for helping shape companies like Nike, Starbucks and Airbnb at their key inflection points. He has shared his experiences in 30 countries as a keynote speaker on brand leadership, strategy, creativity, industry disruption, experiential marketing, storytelling, consumer insights and organizational culture.

In 1987, Scott joined Nike where he led the creation of the “Just Do It” campaign, establishing Nike as a master storyteller and repositioned a purist brand for competitive American athletes as a more ageless, emotionally relevant brand for all. In 1995, Scott joined Starbucks as Chief Brand Officer to help a small, regional specialty coffee company create a warm and welcome “third place” between home and work around the world. In three years, Starbucks grew from one store opening per week to three-per-day, created its own proprietary retail design and brand language, opened its first overseas markets and launched Frappuccino.

In 1998 Scott left the corporate world to write his first book, speak and create Brandstream, a brand strategy firm that has advised companies such as Airbnb, Apple, Casper Sleep, Coca-Cola, Corona, Facebook, Ferrero, P&G, Kaiser Permanente, Microsoft, NASA, North Face, Samsung, Starwood, the U.S. Navy and VWAG. Scott is recognized for helping leaders inspire and align their organizations with critical insights and strategies that strengthen brand purpose and values that serve as a foundation and collective conscience for the enterprise.

Scott spends his time between Bend, Oregon and Bainbridge, Washington. He is currently completing his next book. His first book, A New Brand World (Viking), has been chosen by CEO-Read.com as “100 Best Business Books of All Time” three consecutive times.

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