Hosts of Summer Seminar 2018

Lawlor | Dawley | Day

John Lawlor 

Following 13 years of hosting Summer Seminar (several years with Jim), I took a sabbatical last year due to my youngest daughter’s college graduation. It was also a great opportunity for me to reflect on the journey traveled and how best to ensure happy trails ahead. 

Jim and I have collaborated and worked together for decades. Kathy and I have known each other for years and had the good fortune of both presenting at some mission-centric education conferences. No matter the situation, we would always take the time to reflect and ideate about synergistic opportunities to collaborate together.

Last fall we brainstormed possibilities and concluded that the three of us wanted to maximize our edupreneurial thinking and bring back Summer Seminar with a renewed sense of purpose: provide market-smart intelligence to inform intelligent solutions. 

Happy Trails!!

Kathy Dawley

As a newcomer to this cool band, I am a longtime devotee of the magic of convening (jamming) with colleagues and experts around a common purpose. The Summer Seminar is a new, exciting gig for me.

This is a revival of a trusted forum of national leaders fostering engaged rethinking of higher education policy and practice—a place to bring friends and colleagues who like to learn from each other, look over the horizon at what’s new/next, and use data analysis to make sound decisions.

John and Jim can always be counted on for thought-provoking ideas and perspectives, as well as good conversation. Summer Seminar matches that same dynamic, with presenters who are best at delivering the latest informed thinking and sparking discussion.

Delighted to join them (and you) in this effort!

Jim Day

Finding ourselves together at a NACAC reception and reflecting on how long we had known each other, John and Kathy and I found ourselves thinking a simple shared thought: how much we just wanted to work really hard for colleges with people we really like. And that led to, “Let’s just play a set together.”

Our other even more important thought was how much we had missed getting together for more extended conversations with great old and new friends we used to see more regularly.

Thus was born the Lawlor Dawley Day reincarnation of Summer Seminar, our own Indie Label.

So we worked up some charts, changed the key so we could hit the high notes, and came up with a superset of a Seminar featuring great speakers.

Please join us as we walk barefoot across Abbey Road, er, Nicollet Mall this June.