Always in Beta: Building a Culture of Innovation

Law School Second Floor

The higher education marketplace is in a constant state of flux. Success requires continuous experimentation and questioning out-of-date playbooks. With his Marketoonist cartoons and case studies, Tom will unpack the “Always in Beta” mindset that organizations need to adopt in order to develop remarkable marketing and innovations. He will frame ways to build a culture that champions creativity and overcomes idea killers. No idea is born perfect, and innovation requires the collective creative efforts of everyone in an organization.

Attendees are requested to come to this session with one specific marketing idea in that mind that would help students and families better understand their college or university. In this talk, Tom will use visual storytelling as a metaphor for creativity and teach how doodling is the simplest form of prototyping. In a hands-on creative exercise, Tom will use some simple cartooning techniques to practice how we share and build on each others’ ideas.