Career Services Reimagined: The Art and Science of Transformation That Can Drive Recruitment, Retention, Reputation, Relevance and ROI

Law School Second Floor

AI, machine learning, and mobile technology are transforming the way employers recruit students and career services prepare students for the workplace of the future. Innovative schools are embracing new ways to deliver what was once a transactional model. The same left and right brain creativity today’s employers expect from our students we must expect from ourselves as leaders in higher education.  The good news is that there is an art and a science to building career development experiences that matter. In this session, Susan Brennan will share her experiences from over two decades of transformational leadership and address key questions including:

  • What are the higher education experiences that we can all deliver that really matter?
  • What are the career readiness interventions that we should not leave to chance?
  • What will elevate the career conversation on your campus?
  • What is the reason and the urgency to get started as early and often as possible?
  • How can art help you articulate your beliefs and socialize your message?
  • What are the tools and trends that can help you achieve greater scale and impact?